Keep Your Game on the Level

Golf Tee Evolution

Think about it. Every aspect of golf has evolved except for the tee. On The Level Golf Tees are changing this. Through patented design features, our tees are scientifically proven to make you more accurate and hit the ball farther.

One less thing you have to worry about

Raise your game to the next level with this revolutionary tee that takes the guesswork out of placement. Save time, improve precision and think less on the course as you enjoy the confidence in knowing that your tee is accurately placed with consistent depth and level. After rigorous testing by an independent laboratory, level tees are shown to consistently outperform those which are even slightly off center. On The Level tee takes you right to this sweet spot...every time.

Tested Green Tee Front Image 1
Gain Up To 34
More Yards Green Tee Front Image 2
Eliminate Margin for Error Green Tee Front Image 3