3-in-1 Divot Tool - Heal the Green

Proper golf course care is the responsibility of every golfer. Whenever a shot is hit onto the green, it normally leaves a ball mark. If properly repaired, a ball mark can heal within 24 hours. Unfortunately, an unattended ball mark can take up to one week or longer to heal. Repairing ball marks on the putting green is not only standard golf etiquette, but if done correctly, every golfer can ensure that the greens stay healthy and in better shape.

Divot Tool
Heal the Green with Our 3-in-1 Divot Tool
  • Magnetically Held Ball Marker
  • Brush
  • Divot Tool


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Its unique ergonomic design makes this an exceptional tool for the course. Its durable fang shaped prongs make repairing ball marks easy. In addition, without roughening or scraping the surface of the green, the divot tool's soft bristled brush makes removing loose impediments like sand and soil from your line of putt an absolute breeze. Finally, with the removable magnetically held ball marker, you can mark your ball's location on the green with confidence.